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Daniel Klauber
Mrs. Segar
English 9
17 March 2014
Neighborhood Essay
Living and growing up in Levittown is a unique experience. The outcome of one’s life can be different depending on where they live. Levittown is one of the many suburbs in the United States, but has a special story. Its creation was different from that of many others. There are many benefits for the people who moved to Levittown. Levittown's a great town, and so are the people who live there are great as well.

The creation of Levittown was a fantastic innovation to the US. Levittown was established on May 7, 1947. Its reason for establishment was for veterans coming home after World War II “Kimmel.” Levittown was different than other neighborhoods because it was one of the first suburbs to be truly innovated and it was mass created for its time “Galyean.” Levittown was a significant part of history, mainly because it was one of the first suburbs to be established and opened the door for more Levittown’s to be built around the country “Galyean.” Levittown makes me proud because it gives me something to write about. Levittown was an important part of history because it made suburban living more popular and a suburban culture. Levittown’s creation was an amazing event in history.

The benefits of living in Levittown are endless. The meaning of being part of the Levittown community is being part of an environment that housed thousands of war veterans, having/going to block parties, and just having fun “Kimmel.” The great thing about living in Levittown was being able to move into a new house for a reasonable price “Galyean.” The benefits of moving to the newly made Levittown were cheap housing and protection because most your neighbors were war veterans. This was good because cheap housing was a great thing for war veterans coming back with little money because they haven’t worked in months “Kimmel.” Also, the protection with the war veterans made the neighborhood a lot safer. The newly...
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