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Negotiation: Finding Solutions and Resolving Conflict
Dr. Anthony Townsend
Lyndsay Whitaker
Final Exam-Relating class to my own work environment

Negotiation: How to Apply

I am currently employed as a loan administration manager with Wells Fargo Real Estate Tax. Negotiations are everywhere in my daily environment. I am always working with other managers and team members to find workable solutions amongst everyone’s opinions and interests. These are people that I will continue to work with on a daily basis so the goal in every negotiation I am involved with is to end with a win/win compromise of some sort to keep a good relationship with them because down the road more will continue to come up as I advance in my career with these same individuals. From negotiating on a new team member to hire and how much to bring them on for, to delivering an end of year performance plan to each person on my team to as simple as allocating out the daily work each day to my team members this class plays into everything I do with my role and future roles I may be part of with Wells Fargo.

Currently in my work environment I am in the process of building a brand new team by expanding on the current plan in process. I am going to bring to the work place some key ideas and information that I collected through this negotiation course that I just completed. I was hired on as a new manager for a mail support team for the tax department. The process was currently being done by each group with in the tax group on an individual basis. It came to the attention of some upper management that this process was not efficient and mail that customers were sending into us was getting lost or misplaced. In order to better this process I was brought on to work with a project team to create a new mail processing proposal for our tax department that I would then in turn propose to upper management for approval to implement out. It would involve coming up with a whole new staffing model, budget and process flow that would hopefully in turn be implemented. There are several concepts from class that I learned that I will bring with me to work to start thinking through before I go into trying to propose my ideas for this new team and how are processes and procedures are going to look.

The first thing I learned that I plan on applying is the personality assessment we conducted in class and how certain personalities interact with others. I learned that I am an ESTJ, so I am extravert which is good because I am easy going and wanting to talk and be energized around people and things. The next thing I am is Sensing so I see the world with more emphasis on information through my senses. The third is thinking which involves making decisions mostly based on objective principles and impersonal facts. And finally judging which means you are generally structured and have a decided lifestyle. When I look at the team of managers and risk members that I will have to present my proposal to, a lot of them are similar in some regards to myself, but a few are going to be opposite on some items. A lot of the people I will be presenting too are introverts, they will be sitting there and taking in all the information so as I am presenting I may not get the feedback during that I am hoping to have as an extravert. The one good thing is that most management that I work with agrees with the thinking personality. Everyone needs to see the facts and everything presented. As long as I go into the proposal with what I want, how I am going to get it and utilize it that will give them the proof hopefully to agree.

Another concept that I can apply from class to this process that I will undergo is BATNA, what is my best alternative to negotiation agreement. I cannot strike or cause political madness like with the final labor case we did in class. I cannot quit if they don’t accept my proposal because I do not have a backup job lined up. My best alternative is that this proposal...
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