Negotiation Report Mt Spencer

Topics: Negotiation, Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Game theory Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: February 1, 2013
International Negotiation & Bargaining

Preparation Activities for Broadcast 2

Ernesto Miguel Hernández Montes
ID: 1473332

1.- What, in general, did you learn about negotiation from the exercise? What surprised you? What would you do differently if you had a chance to do the exercise again?

In general I learned that trust plays a significant role during negotiation; because here in this exercise and in the most cases of negotiation at the beginning you feel a hard atmosphere but to establish rapport is not an option. Then you need to get focus in the interest of each person and not just defending your position. It was good to us to open all the issues to resolve, so we are able to see the complete picture and not only one issue per time. This allows to use give the options necessary to give and receive and knowing what is the most matter to the other person and for me. I was surprised with one point I think was the point of the women during the excursion we both have the same interest, I noticed because my other part wants the same of me, and sometimes you believe that always will have opposing interests . I will do different definitely to trust more in my partner to be honest and since the begging tell him these are the things that they are most important for me, what are yours..?

2.- How did the actual outcome of the exercise compare to the pre-negotiation strategy you developed? How do you correlate preparation with outcome?

As my professor mentioned that a Coach said: Failing in prepare, is preparing to fail. You need to develop your strategy and arguments to be consistent and explain very well the whys. I did not win in all the points that I wanted; but I did achieve the Best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA). Of course they have a positive correlation the more you prepare the more you achieve and vice versa.

3.- How did the concepts of preparation, power (structural...
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