Negotiation Plan-Casino

Topics: Decision theory, Decision making, Decision making software Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: October 13, 2014
I. What Happened:
A. Multiple Stories
a. What is my story?
i. I am a programming manager of a five person team that writes computer programs. There are six other programming managers. In the past, I have only worked on children’s games which do not hold the same level of prestige as the adult games in the company because the adult games produce more revenue and have more extensive marketing. ii. During a brainstorming session, I came up with an idea for our company to create a game that people could play over the internet, everyone liked the idea and decided on a gambling team. The Vice President of programming, Jamie Jackson, allowed my team take over the project. iii. My team worked grueling hours on the “Casino” project, making the endeavor more stressful after losing two team members (one due to the sickness of his wife and the other to another department). Although it was tough, I feel as if this is the best project I have ever worked on. Unfortunately, my peers and other managers disagreed calling the project “too cutesy” and “for wimps”. They believe it should involve the “cigar smoke and dancing girls” theme of Vegas, but I know modern Vegas has abandoned this theme for a more family friendly atmosphere. iv. I feel as if I may be discriminated against because I am the only female manager. This could be the reason why in the past I have only worked on children’s games, and currently am receiving much criticism for my work with my first adult game. I am not invited to all of the events with the male programmers, and make $7,000 less than they do. v. I also feel as if I am being left out of the decision making process for my own project, as another manager has began revamping it. Jamie has not said one thing to me about Scott working on my project, or given me any words of encouragement. I am becoming very frustrated. b. What is their story?

i. This information is not available yet.
ii. Likely will be something like...
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