Negotiation Influence Tactics

Topics: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Contract Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Individual Learning Log for Tutorial 3

Tutorial topic and concepts:
Negotiation influence tactics: Pressure; Exchange of Benefits; Rationality; Coalition Building; Emotional Appeal; Impression Management; Legitimized Appeal. Tutorial activity: Safety Glass Role Play

It is an activity on negotiation which involved three characters- manger (Dale Williams) and two subordinates (Pat Taylor and Chris Johnson). During this activity, each role was required to utilise the influencing tactics to convince the other on why wearing safety glasses was necessary or unnecessary. What did I learn from this activity?

This role play activity about negotiation upon a given topic inspires me a lot. I indeed realized that the importance of successfully applying negotiation tactics when it comes to settle and solve disputes. Through the negotiation process, I felt that exchange, rationality, and emotional appeal are the most useful ones. My learning gap in relation to this topic:

How to do well and reach the original goal with agreement during negotiation is long-term question in my mind. Before this topic learning, I knew a little about and scarcely use those influence tactics during negotiation. How Will I apply these learning in my studies, work or other aspect of my life? Being a good negotiator isn't just useful in business environment. In fact, mastering negotiation skills will help in every aspect of my life. In my studies, I can be confident to express and share my opinions with others’ especially in group discussion. In the future, I would have a successful negotiation with my college even the manager with these tactics’ guideline.
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