Negotiation, Ethics and Effective

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Running Head: Negotiation, Ethics and Effective 1

Negotiation, Ethics and Effective Leadership
Kathy Thacker
Professor Katie Thiry
August 12, 2013

Negotiation, Ethics and Effective 2 Explore the role of deception and ethics in negotiation. Cite at least two examples of possible deception in the President Obama and Iranian leaders’ negotiation. The role that deception plays in negotiation is within two forms. The first form is active deception (commission) and the second is passive deception (omissions) ( Gino, F. and Movius, H., ND). A passive deception is designed to hide something that really exists (Caddell, J., 2004). An example of a passive deception used with President Obama and the Iranian leaders’ negotiation is when the Iranian leaders did not tell about the nuclear enrichment plant that they had built deep within a mountain and was intending to use it (Sanger, D. and Broad, W., 2009). An active deception is the process of providing an adversary with evidence of intentions and capabilities which you do not, in fact, posses (Caddell, J., 2004). An example of an active deception used in negotiations with President Obama and the Iranian leaders’ is when President Obama pledged that “that the U.S. would do whatever was necessary to stop Iran, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu” (Tobin, J., 2013). Knowing that the U.S. cannot sustain another war at this time due to it would put a heavier burden financially on the U.S which at this time cannot afford. The role that ethics play in negotiation is that it is a standard governing the behavior of the members that are within the negotiation. Ethics is the principles of right and wrong. It is the way for people to do the right thing, being fair and honest. If a person wants a good reputation then a person has to have good ethics. Once a person gets a good reputation then it is easy for a person to reach a compromise that both parties would be happy with. That is why it is important to be honest, fair, and ready to do the right thing. (Taylor, W., ND) Negotiation, Ethics and Effective 3 Discuss the effectiveness of President Obama’s negotiation tactics and explain how interests, goals, power and style impact the negotiation skills of a leader. President Obama’s negotiation has not been very effective with the Iranian leaders. It has not been effective for several reasons. The most important ones are that he gives threats without backing them up, and ultimatums that has not gone anywhere. The Iranian leaders continue to delay and do as they please with some caution. They hide the things that they are doing and when the President finds out about it he just has another negotiation with them. The interest, goals, and power of a leader can have a positive or negative impact on the negotiation skills of a leader. How is this? Simple, really, if a leader is out only for their interest, goals, and power then there will be a win-lose or lose-lose negotiation. However, if the leader is looking out for both sides interest then the other side is likely to be open to compromise, making it a win-win negotiation. The style of the leader determines how the leader handles the negotiation. For example; if a leader has a compromising negotiation style then they will find a middle ground. On the other hand, if a leader has a forcing negotiation style then the leader is out for achieving their goals. (MT UVA BMS, 2012)

Negotiation, Ethics and Effective 4 Describe and explain at least two tactics such as threats, ultimatums, bullying, blocking etc. which may have been used...

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