Negotiation Case Study, from Negotiation Book by Roy Lewicki, Bruce Barry, David Saunders

Topics: Major League Baseball, Cincinnati Reds, Ken Griffey, Jr. Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: November 16, 2008
Case 5 : The Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation
Date : 10/1/08

Cinncinati Reds Baseball Team:

Griffeys agent : Brian Goldberg, his negotiator for his baseball contract Jim Bowden : General manager of Team
John Allen : Managing Executive, Bowdens’ Boss
Car Lindner : Team majority owner

Griffeys team at present : Seattle Mariners

Pat Gillick : General Manager who is to trade Griffey to another team Chuck Armstrong : Team president and boss of Gillick.
Roger Jongewaard : team vice president
Howard Lincoln : team CEO
Woody Woodward : team manager before Gillick, retired from team.

Griffey started expressing a desire to live closer to his relatives in his hometown of Cincinnati. Where his father and mother live, Ken and Birdie Griffey. After the 1999 season, Griffey's request was granted and he was traded to the Cincinnati reds for Mike cameron, Brett Tomko , Antonio Perez and Jake Meyer. Initially, the future looked extremely bright for him in Cincinnati, where the Reds had just come within one game of a playoff berth. It was the city in which he had grown up, and Griffey was reportedly very pleased to be playing on his father's former team. “Ken Griffey, Jr. was a fan favorite in Seattle since he was a rookie,and was the featured star of the Mariners throughout his tenure”.(1). The case proceeds with negotiations which include professional baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. and it occurred during winter of 2000. The player Ken griffey is a very good hitter and fielder in baseball.The first offer made to him was for $138 million over 8 years and Griffey was indifferent to the offer. As being one of best players in the major league and gaining experience, his skills became more valuable to consumers.

The General Manager of Reds team is enthusiastic about Ken joining their baseball team. For him negotiation is something that he is used to all the time in his profession as a baseball team manager trading players with other teams and at...

References: :
( 1) The Ballplayers – Ken Griffey Jr. / Baseball
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