Negotiation case

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Assignment #4 - Negotiation case

As we are two exchange students from Spain and Israel, we have experienced a common situation when we arrived to Brandeis University this semester for an exchange programme in IBS. Therefore, the following case situation is real and it includes the real names of the characters who took part in the story. You are very welcome, of course, to change the names in case you want to use it for your future classes.

Character #1 – The new exchange student
Jose is a second year student from Madrid University in Spain and had received the opportunity to study abroad for one semester in Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachussets, USA. As a very talented student, Jose is on a 100% scholarship in Madrid University, including the studies of the exchange programme, but all the travel and housing expenses will need to be on his expense. Jose’s flat is located in a very pleasant area of downtown and costs him 400 Euros, which are about 600 US$. Prior to his arrival to the United States, he had to apply for a visa and meet all the requirements regarding housing and health insurance. He decided to apply for a room on-campus due to that his exchange program is for 4 months, and it is very difficult to find a regular room for this period of time. Just a few days before taking his plane for the USA, his student account was charged by 4,805$, which should be paid within 21 days, otherwise an additional fee would be included. He was shocked by this amount, as it meant that he had to pay 1,200$ per month. Therefore, he searched for a room off-campus, and he found out that the average price was roughly 600$ per month at a similar location and conditions. On his arrival to Brandeis, he went to speak to Matthew Rocker, the …, in order to complain on the overpriced housing. Matthew replied that it was depending on another department and that their hands were tight, so he suggested him to email to the IBS dean to explain his problem. Therefore, he...
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