Topics: Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Negotiation, Contract Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Out-of-Class Negotiation

Student’s name: Johnny Xue

Indicate the assignment: Retail

A. How did you prepare for this negotiation in advance?

To accomplish this out-of-class task, I first figured out what to buy and where to buy it. I looked up the Google maps and tried to find a right store to do the negotiation. I ruled out restaurants, supermarkets and some chain stores like Starbucks, because they offer a fixed price and they have policies on the prices. Finally I found a flower store near my house called Alice Flowers. After visiting their websites (Surprisingly, they have their own website), I decided to buy a table plant. I searched the Internet to try to find an approximate average price for table plants. I found that Amazon offers the cheapest price – around 30 dollar. The price from other online flower shop are much higher than 30, some are more than 70. Before leaving for my destination, I put 40 dollars cash in my pocket.

B. What was your strategy going into the negotiation? Why?

My planning strategy is first to see if they have some table plant that I have seen before, because I will feel more confident about negotiation on a familiar item. Then I will show the price on Amazon to them, because this will show them that I know how much this thing really value. The price on line is usually the lowest. Then I will show them I only have 40 dollars (maybe less than 40) and will walk away if they don’t offer this price.

C. How/Where/When/With whom did your negotiation take place?

On March 28 afternoon, I went to Alice Flowers. That was my first time to go there. When I entering the store, a middle-aged women said hello to me. I looked around and asked if they have table plants. She guided me to the place and I started looking for what I want (what I know). Then I found something like ivy and asked her how much it is. She told me it is 79. I was thinking about switching to something cheaper, but after looking around, I found that most...
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