Negotiating Ethics

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Using ethics when negotiating

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Some people believe that it is essential to behave ethically when negotiating; I am apart of this belief. I believe that negotiating ethically will make things easier. It will make the process a win - win for both parties. If both parties are being ethical and honest when negotiating the buyer will be satisfied and the seller will as well. The truth of the matter is no one really expects their opponent to be honest .That being said, no one really goes in a negotiating situating expecting to be ethical. Everyone goes in to this situation with guards up and tactics ready. Although I believe that ethics should be essential when negotiating, I also go in expectant of the opposite. I would love to negotiate with ethics and be honest and fair, but the majority of people are not willing to take this approach so I do not either in most cases.

It is hard to be ethical and honest when it comes to negotiating. Not everyone shares the same opinion and views about this issue. Some people feel as though there is no such thing as ethics in negotiating. These type of people go by the motto “let the best man win”. With the knowledge that not everyone feels the same, no one really negotiates ethically. The person who decides to be ethical will lose against the person who is not being ethical. If they negotiated against each other, the non ethical person will be sly and slick and do whatever possible to persuade a win. The ethical person will try negotiating with honesty and integrity but if he does not get on the same level as the other party, he will come out unsatisfied.

When negotiating, it is important for both parties to be on the same page. Before you go into a situation of bargaining it would be smart to know who you are negotiating against. Knowing the tactics and style of your opponent will give you a leg up. Investigating the style of negotiating your opponent exudes will...

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