Negotiate with Learners

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Assignment 1- Negotiating with learners
Initial assessment is an important part of the learning and teaching process, in order to ensure that learners join a course at the correct level and are able to progress through the course at an achievable level. Assessment should start as soon as the learner asks for information about the course they are interested in. The initial enquiry should be able to obtain relevant information from the learner in order to determine they have the necessary skills or prior knowledge to be able to succeed. This is not only necessary to ensure learners have the ability and skills to do the course but also to ensure that the level is neither too low nor too high. Too low could result in the learner becoming bored or unmotivated, whilst too high a level would probably result in the learner finding the course too difficult and either leaving early or not being able to achieve any of the learning outcomes, resulting in failure which could affect confidence as well as lowering achievement rates. Once it has been determined that a learner has the relevant entry requirements and has been accepted on a course, there should follow a number of initial assessments to determine their prior skills and knowledge and also if they have any specific needs. * A simple skills audit can be used to determine what skills they already possess, this is particularly useful in a photography class to show the teacher where the learner’s strength lies and where extra attention needs to be given. * Diagnostic tests could be given in relevant areas; this Literacy is useful, especially if the learner does not have English as their first language to determine if any literacy help is required; but other learners may have their own specific literacy needs which can also be determined. Computer or numeracy diagnostics could be given if they are relevant to the area of the course, for example, some computer skills are required in some photography courses,...
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