Negligence Described as Ignorance

Topics: Crime, Youth detention center, Prison Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Negligence Disguised As Ignorance

‘A child suffering the consequences for a crime he/she willfully committed? Oh no!’ This is what I hear whenever someone speaks against trying children as adults for the extremely terrible crimes they commit. It is illogical and immoral to allow young murderers to have an advantage over the justice system simply because of their age. If a child can learn right from wrong and take freedom into their own hands by willfully committing heinous crimes, then they should darn well be prepared to suffer the consequences that follow such actions. I believe that the entire country should acknowledge the fact that trying children as adults is the greatest solution to getting young murderers off the streets before they turn into mass murderers, and I believe that any oppositions towards trying children as adults would only be a threat to civil security. If we don’t try children as adults, then it is possible that we may see a significant increase in crime throughout the country, which, in turn, could spark a chain reaction as young criminals would most likely use any overcrowded correctional facilities as loopholes in order to be released back on the streets. It is our duty as citizens to make sure that these loopholes remain shut by continuing to allow our juvenile criminals to be tried as adults. First of all, there was an article from the Seattle Times written by Carey Quan Gerlernter in 1994 that stated, “Generally, those under 12 have not been charged with crimes, because it has been presumed they cannot be expected to know right from wrong, or appreciate the consequences of their actions.” Many would beg to differ, especially some who have read this article because Gerlernter later states that, “crimes committed by juveniles grow more numerous, and more heinous”, which most likely happened as a result of the King County’s decision to basically grant children the freedom to commit crimes that adults get severely punished...
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