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Negligence is defined as the the commission of an act that a prudent person would not have done or the omission of a duty that a prudent person would have fulfilled, resulting in injury or harm to another person. In particular, in a malpractice suit, a professional person is negligent if harm to a client results from such an act or such failure to act, but it must be proved that other prudent members of the same profession would ordinarily have acted differently under the same circumstances. Negligence may be misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance. ( In otherwords it can be considered a form of abuse and or neglect on the part of a list of individuals including doctors, nurses family, and or caregivers. Negligence being an act of comissions involve the abuse in a setting within doctors and its medical satff.  Examples are: Failure to follow standards of care, Failure to use equipment in a responsible manner, Failure to assess and monitor patients and failure to communicate. Examples are:

 Injury: An injury must be sustained. Here, your son contracted an infection from the un-sterilized tools the doctor used to treat the wound. To prevail in a negligence suit against the doctor, your attorney must prove that the un-sterilized tools were the direct result of your son’s injury.(for MedicalmErrors:

 A medical error is defined as a mistake made by a health care professional, which can result in injury or death to the patient. Medical error is a form of medical malpractice because the mistake often constitutes a failure to meet medical standards of practice, which would preclude such errors. Emergency Room Errors:

Failure to make a proper and prompt diagnosis of a patient
 Failure to conduct, evaluate, and follow-up on tests and procedures  Failure to recommend and perform the proper treatment at the right time  Administering the wrong medication, wrong type or wrong dose

An Act of omission might in assisted...
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