Negativity in a workplace

Topics: Leadership, Management, Goal Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Erisha Porter
English 101
Mr. Franklin
12 December 2013
A Negative Impact on Individuals in a Workplace
The purpose of leadership in a workplace is to recognized ineffective as well as effective leadership. It means understanding the vibrant relation between the leaders and the followers. Jennifer Carter-Roberts was my first boss and she was consistently unaware of how she performed and did not seem to care much about how her actions negatively impact other employees in the workplace. She was bad-mannered, condescending, demanding manager, with the social skills of a child and the leadership skills of someone who could have been raised in the wilderness. I had an unfit boss present in my workplace who lacked the necessary skills such as the following: communication with employees, motivation to help other achieve their goals and the development of new ideas and change. Without efficient communication in a workplace in a workplace, a business will not be able to perform daily operations. Mrs. Carter-Roberts are often did not respond to her employee’s calls nor emails. For example, after the first couple of weeks working at H&M retail-clothing department, I met my boss, and she was friendly at first and communication between her and I was fair. As time passed, she slowly became a monster. I would send her emails in advance, asking about the plan for the day, and she never replied. She isolated her team and employees. Other employees and I were constantly confused arriving to work about our day-to-day duties in the workplace. There were barely any weekly set plans, meetings or responses to emails and calls. Roberts would make negative comments whenever certain things did not work out the way she had planned. She consistently avoided answering any questions, but she expected everyone to perform at an advance level and figure out things themselves. There was not an attempt to improve her communication skills with her employees. It was Roberts first time being...
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