Negative of Using Iternet

Topics: Internet, Pornography, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: October 7, 2010
The Internet is one of the greatest technological advances in the   world, Without the Internet, business wouldn't thrive, telecommunications wouldn't exist and the world as we know it would no longer be the world it is today. You couldn't access your friends through popular websites, you could not longer post blogs, or find your soul mate without having to go about it the old fashioned way. The entire modern world could very possibly fall apart without the glorious interworkingings that the Internet had made possible. But are we better off without the Internet? Does the Internet have many negative effects?

The Internet is a danger to chidlren and there's nothing we can do about it.

The Internet has created an entirely new world for pornographers to show their wares. Anyone of any age can find access to any website that contains pornography. Kids can cheat and create older ages, and different names for themselves to gain access to various and numerous websites. Porn is all over the Internet and anyone with a computer and Internet access can find it just by typing in porn, sex , sexy, basically any word that has to with porn. Used to be that porn was placed being a counter in a drug store with a brown paper bag placed over it so only people over a certain age could get at porn. Porn was sold in dingy looking stores across the world only to those people who were smart enough to get in. Not anymore, anyone with a computer can get onto any porn site and view all the porn they want. Underage children can view naked people doing the nasty on the Internet. Young children should not be able to access sex until they are old enough to understand what it is and the ramifications of doing the sex act. It allows children and young adults to think that porn is okay and having sex at any age, even really young is okay too. The Internet also has many negative effects on our children, and our teenagers. Videos displayed all over the Internet show young girls and young guys...
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