Negative Influences of the Full Moon

Topics: Superstition, Moon, Full moon Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: January 23, 2007
Negative Influences of the Full Moon

The believed (this should be belief instead of believed) (I also think that ‘is' should have been used instead of that) that the full moon affects the behaviors of both animals and humankind alike. During a full moon the number of crimes, homicides, and suicides increase. Has the moon received an unjust verdict because of related superstitions or is it truly capable of rendering a sane man ‘mad'. (Mary did not want us to use questions since she states that it is a sign of weak writing)Evidence shall provide the answers to many questions.

I. According to the research of some,(can you specify at least one source or research done?) it (What exactly indicates this?) indicates that the full moon is indeed responsible for the effects it has on humankind.

A. Psychologist, Arnold Lieber (,) along with his colleagues at the University of Miami, tested the theory of lunar affects on humankind and proved it to be true. (proved what exactly to be true?) Most scientists have determined that the effects of the ‘full moon' are nothing more than an old wives tale. (Toenley, 1997) Most scientists have written off the full moon effects as an old wives tale. (According to whom?) B. However, over a fifteen year period, Lieber's research in Dade County, Florida showed that there was (word usage, should be in past tense ‘were') 1,887 murders, during which most of the homicides occurred during the full moon. To make sure this data was correct they (who conducted this research?) also conducted a similar research in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. C. The Philadelphia Police Department connected to American Institute of Medical Climatology, made a report entitled: "The Effect of the Full Moon on Human Behavior." Previously proved the same results of the full moon's marked rise in psychological crimes. (this sentence is a fragment, who exactly proved the results?) In England this has been a ‘known fact' since the...
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