negative effects of technology

Topics: Mobile phone, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Paresthesia Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: September 26, 2014
September 6, 2014

Negative Effects of Technology
Technology has had a negative effect on people’s lives. Technology has distracted kids, caused accidents, and health problems. It’s actually kind of sad.
Technology has negatively affected kids in such a huge way, especially in schools. Most kids claim they’re bored so they pull out their cell phones or Ipods. Their attention span isn’t but so big, so they tend to get distracted easily by fumbling with their phones and playing games. This is why phones aren’t allowed in most schools today. Reason being is because teachers find it very disrespectful and rude when they are trying to teach and students aren’t learning or listening.

The most commonly used technology today is the cell phone. Cell phones cause so many things to happen. Most car accidents are cause by being on cell phones. In a teens mind they think sending this one word or message is won’t hurt while they’re driving but in reality it does. They have so many commercials about the consequences of texting and driving. Most teens just don’t listen. It’s not just the teens either, it’s even the adults that text and drive. Adults are supposed to be role models for the younger generation not the opposite.

Most people don’t know that technology causes health problems. Being on a cell phone for too long and having so close to a person’s eyes can mess up their vision. Also talking on the phone can cause cancer. Of course a person wouldn’t get cancer just by one phone call, it would take some time. Another major health problem caused by technology is Carpal tunnel syndrome. Texting excessively can damage the nerves in someone’s hands and fingers, causing numbness, tingling, and weakness. These are just a few health problems caused by technology.

It’s just amazing how something created by man can cause so many negative things to happen. Just by being on a cell phone while driving could cost someone their life, having a cell phone or Ipod out could cost...
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