Negative Effects of Advertisements on Teens
Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Video game, Adolescence, Violence, Childhood / Pages: 6 (1418 words) / Published: Jul 1st, 2013

Negative Effect of Advertisements on Teens
Ayrton Martins
AIU University
This research seeks to underscore the fact that many commercials seen on television, billboards and other means of Marketing may impact behaviour of youths and children in a negative way, particularly as far as the promotion of food, alcohol and video games, and teens perceptions through branding.

Advertisements have always been considered a smart way for businesses to enhance revenues, and most companies with some capital try their hands at it, as far as their budget permits. Given the increased competition, and saturation of the Western markets (the American in particular), many firms instigate aggressive advertising in order to stay afloat and outperform competition in such a dynamic globalized market. Although for some of these firms, such ads may boost their bottom line, some of the demographic which they target with these adverts is easily persuaded by marketing schemes, and are often not mature enough, yet, to understand the consequences of purchasing or constantly purchasing a specific product – The youths and children demographic. This research will shed light on the impact of the promotion of alcohol, food, and violence in video games affects the previously mentioned demographic.
Advertisements tend to have a much bigger impact and influence on the behaviour of youths and children than they do on the behaviour of grownups. At this day and age, in which teenagers consume an alarming amount of alcohol for instance, alcohol commercials are seen by some as hindrances to combating the problem, since they pave the way for further teenage temptation towards alcohol. It is also important to bear in mind that hundreds of teenagers in America lose their lives due to drunk driving, and other alcohol related incidents every year. According to Thakor and Goneau-Lessard (2009) “children are exposed to more than 40,000 commercials per year” (p. 1343) therefore they are likely to

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