Negative effect of computer simulation to students

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Chapter 1
Francis Bacon stated that knowledge is power and as the 21st Century goes, we realize the manifest of these words. This is a time where in education is empowerment, knowledge is power, and intelligence is a weapon, neo and transformative means have arisen for human competition that exceeds the pinnacle of human strength, as well as physical prowess. Intellect has been the foundation and core of the cyber age; and as intellect has been the basis of power, the competitions and challenges to push forth progress has equally been altered.

With the introduction of defining tool of the 21st century, the computer, grand scale-based simulations have suddenly become today’s past time for honing creative, and competitive skills for individuals of all ages; computer simulations of countless varieties considered by previous generations as games have taken a considerable amount of humanity’s economics, life styles, progressions and ultimately time.

Never has there been a technological uprising in society that may remotely compare to today’s world. In every office, every home or any area that aims to be productive in their respective fields a silicon chipset device-based gadget is always a necessity and even mandatory at times. However, these devices of different types, despite being used and programmed primarily for work and productive means, have also been becoming the means for leisure entertainment in computer-based simulations that hold relaxing entertainment that is commonly passed off as ‘games’ or ‘applications’. This event has become the center of many younger individuals to immerse themselves into the alternate and somehow alienating world of a cyberspace where virtual worlds. Eventually one will stumble upon the questions “just how deep has technology been rooted in humanity?” “how is the modern generation affected in this technological revolution?” “what effects do these computers pose on the current populace especially on the youth?” These are the questions that the writers of this paper hope to enlighten. These questions are linear with respect to the title and goal of this research; that is to know whether today’s computer simulations or ‘gaming’ has adverse or constructive outcome to today’s youth. Background Information

“A game is a voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles.” (Suits, 1970) Most people would dismiss games as a waste of time or an unnecessary activity because it has many risks such as addiction, depression, and obesity. But what exactly is a game? Chris Crawford has a detailed definition on what is a game. Crawford first mentioned that entertaining books and movies by themselves are not games, but when it becomes interactive, it becomes a plaything. There are two types of playthings, according to Crawford. He said that “ If you can play with it, but there is no objective, then it is a toy. An example would be a toy car. When the plaything has a set goal then it is classified as a challenge. An example would be a rubik’s cube. But there are two different types of challenges, if it is only played alone then it classified as a puzzle, however, if there are other people involved while playing then we classify it as a conflict. If a conflict, like a foot race, doesn’t let you interact with the other players we have a competition. But, when it is allowed to interact and interfere with the other players then we classify it as a game.“ In summary, a game is interactive, has a set goal, and involves other players or who can interfere and influence each other. With this definition we could say that real life is also a game. Whether you spend your time on athletic pursuits, financial success or academic advancements, games in some form will always be a part of your life. The mentioned classification of games have all been transformed into computer simulations. Virtual playthings for babies can be downloaded on...
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