Negative Classroom Behaviors

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Negative Classroom Disruptions With Positive Management Solutions Kelly Williams-El’Amin
Instructor Oros
September 7, 2014

In the classroom there are many opportunities for disruptions to the flow of learning. When the process of education is disrupted it affects learning outcomes and student progress. Educators and students both play a vital role is how smoothly the class is run. In this paper we will examine common disruptions in the classroom and look at carious ways that these disruptions can be resolved productively and efficiently. Through incorporating different discipline and classroom management styles most interruptions to learning can be avoided and the process of education can continue.

Disruptions come in many forms and we will look at a few. We will first look at common disruptions in the classroom caused by students and then take a look at those caused by teachers. Yes teachers can be a disruption to the learning process and as we will see sometimes they cause more disruption than their students.

It seems that often in today’s society when we think of the typical public school classroom, images of chaotic behavior, chattering students and paper being thrown quickly come to mind. This behavior, while not uncommon should not be the norm, there is a solution. The first three behaviors that we will address is the seemingly ever-present excessive talking, laughter and general outburst. It seems that no matter how many times the lights are turned off, names of students are written on the board, recess or free time taken away students continue to use their voices out of turn in excess ways, making instruction and learning difficult.

Often times when students have an outburst in the class or the talking becomes excessive, teachers sometimes give a general knee-jerk reaction. They may yell at the student who has been consistently talking to “be quiet or… then some threat of a punishment is given and the student is quiet for a moment and the behavior is likely to happen again and the process continues. Educator Barbara Coloroso believed that students should be taught how to govern themselves accordingly and that whatever actions took place in the classroom they were not only responsible for them but that they were held accountable for them. Barbara guided educators to understand that an important part of education students was to also teach them inner discipline and self control. (Building Classroom Discipline, 11th edition, 2014) In her book Kids Are Worth It: Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline, Coloroso outlines key ways in which not only parents but also educators can teach children how to have inner discipline. Coloroso suggest that inner discipline be developed as follows; First students must be shown what they have done wrong, then given ownership of the problem hence making them responsible, following this students are guided on ways to solve the problem when appropriate. Finally Coloroso encourages to educators to ensure that during this entire process the dignity of the student is kept in tact. I imagine that by incorporating this strategy into my classroom management and discipline style my students will gain more self-control and become more aware of the consequences behind their actions. In this way, they will be far more likely to think before they act. Likewise I as a teacher will feel better about the way in which I handle disruptions. With the ability to handle each disruption as a possible teaching moment that encourages students to do better, rather than simply pointing out what they did wrong, students will develop a better sense of trust. Likewise by ensuring that in each situation the student is treated with dignity, students are aware of the respect I have for them and this respect become reciprocal.

Two other common disruptions in the classroom are that of students who get out of their...
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