Negative Case Against Euthanasia

Topics: Suffering, Palliative medicine, Oncology Pages: 4 (931 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Argument 1:
Thousands of terminally ill patients suffer from untreatable pain.               *There is untreatable pain
              *Thousands of terminally ill patients in pain

Claim 1: A large part of what are improperly labeled as terminally ill patients do not suffer pain, and those who do suffer, it is definitely treatable by palliative care.

Matthew E. Conolly, M.D. November 4 1989.

Alternative to Euthanasia: Pain Management. Nightingale Alliance.

“Pain looms large in the thoughts of most people at the very mention of cancer, and looms even larger in the arguments of those who would have others adopt euthanasia. However, at least a third of all patients dying of malignant disease suffer no pain at any time...Careful pain management would, for many, make all the difference between an unspeakable death, and a death cloaked in human dignity... the terminally ill, when properly cared for, simply do not ask for euthanasia.”

Board of experts, Cancer Pain Relief and Palliative Care, World Health Organization, Geneva, 1998 Existing knowledge provides a basic approach for relieving cancer pain that can be implemented in developed and developing countries alike…Pain management must begin when a person is first diagnosed with cancer and must continue throughout the course of the illness. Analgesic and anesthetic drug therapies are essential in controlling pain and should be combined with psychosocial, physical and supportive approaches to this problem.

Argument 3:
Legalized Euthanasia can prevent undue pain & suffering in the terminally ill.               *death ends suffering
              *Euthanasia is painless

Claim 1: Legalizing euthanasia will be ineffective because pain is not the main cause to seeking Euthanasia

Robert L. Fine, MD April 2001.
Depression, anxiety, and delirium in the terminally ill patient. Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings....
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