Negative and Positive Aspects of Tourism

Topics: Environment, Tourism, Natural environment Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Nowadays, people are able to travel everywhere in the world. The interest of tourism has risen every year. There are many positive aspects of tourism. However, development of tourism has caused many problems as well. The big problems are traffic, stressful life for the local people and environmental effects. The positive side is that the tourism is the source of money for the local economy. First of all, tourism impacts the people and the culture of particular places. There are places where tourism causes big traffic. In most popular tourist places it is hard to travel from one side of the town to another. In addition, prices are very high as well. Everything is more expensive, starting from food or gas and finishing on the prices of buying or renting a house. People who live in that kind of places have to pay higher prices for everything. Second, a big problem of tourism is that it causes environmental problem. Tourists have left too much junk behind them. They very often don’t pay attention to vegetations or games. They just try to see as much as they can and they keep forgetting about everything else. Sometimes, through inattention, they have destroyed very important objects of environment. On the other hand, tourism is a big attraction for everybody. People enjoy traveling and visiting new places. In addition, tourism helps local economy. Many places live and develop because of it. Everything depends on tourism there. There are special stores, restaurants, bars or houses for tourists. Tourism brings a lot of money for those places. In conclusion, everybody at least once has traveled somewhere. The interest of tourism is more popular every year. Recently, people enjoy traveling to more specific and particular places. Unfortunately, those places suffer from too much interest. In my opinion, people pollute and destroy the nature’s beauty of those places. They think that if they leave their money there, they won’t have to care about anything else. They don’t...
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