Negative Activities of Youth

Topics: Abuse, Internet, Pornography Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Nowadays, youths are going down a path of self-destruction as the increasing number of youths responsible for negative activities is alarming. Youths can be easily affected by negative aspects because they cannot make wise decision like adults.In my opinion, the number of negative activities committed by youths increasing as youths are addicted to internet; having low self-esteem; facing family problems; and influenced by negative peer pressure. Internet addiction can lead youths to a way of life failure. Exposure of youths to sexually explicit materials on the internet is related to greater sexual uncertainty and more positive attitudes towards uncommitted sexual exploration among youths. Besides, one of the more common forms of internet harassment among youth is that of cyber bullying. As new technologies are developed or adopted, most of the youths are internet knowledgeable. They tend to commit cyber bullying by mobile, wireless or internet-related technology. In short, youths who are addicted to internet may responsible for the increasing number of negative activities among youths. Moreover, low self-esteem can contribute to downfall of a youth. A low self-esteem youth will not able to concentrate in his or her studies fully as his mind will be constantly disturbed in irrelevant issues circulating his self-esteem. Besides, low self-esteem youths always have negative thoughts and constant sorry feelings for themselves. Hence, they tend to demand for attention from parents and society by getting themselves active in drugs, negative habits such as smoking, liquor and free sex. In brief, low self-esteem is one of the elements leading youths to a life of self-destruction.
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