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Topics: Orchidaceae, Real estate, Business Pages: 5 (1479 words) Published: January 28, 2014

Trip Report
Kasem Bundit University

Air Orchid Market
Class: Entrepreneurship

Anan Visetkaew
ID: 555104412847

The Trip Date: 22/01/14
Due Date: 27/01/14

Trip Report
Air Orchid Market

My journey to orchid farm in Nakorn Prathom began on Wednesday 22nd on January 2014. On the very cold day, especially in the beautiful morning, I took all my preparation for taking note that will be done on my cell-phone due to the fact that I was more comfortable for taking pictures and note on.

Key Success of the Business

1. The business focuses on the low cost to produce. In the starting point of the business, the owner looks forward to save the budget as much as possible but producing good outcome that satisfies customers’ demand.

2. The owner is concern about the standard control of running orchid market. He makes sure that all workers do a good job from the beginning to the end of each day. In addition to the quality control, the owner knows that the ability to arrange and task distribution can enhance the business standard. That of course, the business has been keeping in a good condition for more than 20 years.

3. The major point to do all business cannot leave the fact about being sincere and honest. The business cannot focus on getting only benefit from the business without conforming to the human right by the customers. Therefore, its quite plain to understand by all visitors in the orchid market to his business that his products are made naturally with the intend to cause less disadvantage to his customers

4. Learning to recognize the problems before they face them is the most important key success of all. The owner already knew that he still has some difficulties when encountering with the different workers from different nationalities. Those workers surely come with only a little experience to grow orchid plants. Of course, most of his workers do not find it easy to train the new workers by using different language. It is also a problem when giving them wages and salary for his workers due to the fact that every year, his workers, some, claim for the increasing salary according to the economic condition. As a result, the more demand from the workers, the most intense and pressure for the overall business entity he faces.

Type of Orchids in the Market

1. Falandopsis plant is the scientific name for the orchid that is also widely known for butterfly flower. Its market price is at least 200 baht sold in Thailand, and the middle salesmen would of course increase its price responding to the percentage for profit. This kind of orchid is generally available in the central part of Thailand due to the most suitable temperature to grow and to take of.

2. Red orchid, the so-called name for the orchid responding to color of it, is one of the most popular kinds of flower that Chinese people are interested in. This kind of orchids impresses mostly in Chinese market. Therefore, Air orchid market has to manage to produce and provide as many as possible the number, together with the quality of products checked before deliver by airplane and train (the second saving cost for transportation) to China. The reason for the popularity of this red orchid in China due to the belief and tradition among people that this red flower brings them good lucks.

3. The third type of orchid that the business owner suggests in the middle part of the trip is Somsavalee orchid. This kind of orchid has color of pink and white, but the size is quite smaller than the other two that I have described above. According to the owner’s grant information, I understand that the name of this flower belongs to the princess of Thailand. Some brief background that I had noted down during the journey was that the princess, Somsavalee, has established an important project for grand charity for a group of people who are in need for food, clothes and facilities that would relieve them from suffering. Then, according to...
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