Neem Tree

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Neem Leaf Extract
Title: NEEM
Category: Herb
6-desacetyllnimbinene, Azadirachta indica, Azadirachta indica ADR, Azadirachta indica A. juss, azadirachtin, azadirachtin A, bead tree, beta-sitosterol, Bioneem™, dogonyaro, holy tree, immobile, Indian lilac, isomeldenin, limonoids, margosa, margosa oil, Meliaceae (family), Neemix™, neem flowers, neem-based pesticide, neem kernel powder (NP), neem leaf alcoholic extract (NLE), neem oil, neem seed kernel, neem seed oil, Nim, NIM-76, nimba, nimbandiol, nimbin, nimbinene, nimocinol, Persian lilac, Praneem polyherbal cream, Pride of China, quercetin, village of pharmacy. Scientific Name: Azadirachta indica, synonyms Antelaea azadirachta, Melia azadirachta. Neem Names in Different Countries

U.S.A : Neem
Latin America : Nim
Spain : Paraiso de India, Margosa
United Kingdom : Indian Lilac, Neem
France : Azadirac de I'Inde, Margosier, Margousier
Germany : Indischer Zedrach, Grossblaettiger Zedrach, Niem, Nim, Niembaum Burma : Tamaka, Bowtamaka, Thin, Thinboro Tamakha, Tamabin, Tama Pakistan : Nimuri, Nimmi, Limbo
Malaysia : Dawoon-mambu, Baypay
Indonesia : Mempheuh, Imba, Intaran, Mindi, Mimb
Kenya : Muarubaini
Iran : Neeb, Azad Darakth e Hind, Nib
Portugal : Margosa, Amargoseira, Nimbo
Singapore : Kohumba, Nimba
Sri Lanka : Nimbu-nimbagaha Thailand : Sadao India, Kwinin, Dao Yemen : Meraimarah Australia : Neem
Papua New Guinea : Neem
Fiji : Neem
Nigeria : Babo Yaro, Dogon Yaro Tanzania : Mwarobaini Madagascar : Nim  
Botanical Description
The name is derived from the Persian word "azaddhirakt" which means "noble tree". Kingdom : Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta Class: Magnoliopsida Order: Sapindales Family:Meliaceae, The mahogany tree family
Genus: Azadirachta
Species: A. indica
Scientific/Botanical Name:Azadirachta indica
For more than 5,000 years, Ayurvedic healers have depended upon the neem tree to treat various illnesses. In Sanskrit, neem is translated as “nimba” and becomes the basis of an ancient saying “Neem, to give good health” or “the curer of all ailments.” The bark, seeds, leaves, fruit, gum and oils of the neem tree contain pharmacological constituents which offer some impressive therapeutic qualities, including: •      Antiviral: capable of destroying viruses

•      Antifungal: able to destroy fungi
•      Antimicrobial: able to inhibit or destroy the growth of disease-causing organisms •      Antibacterial: able to destroys or inhibit the growth of bacteria •      Antipyretic: able to lower body temperature or prevent or alleviate fever Today, Hindu rituals call for drinking neem tea as part of the festival of Gudi-Padvo, which is celebrated in late March when Spring begins. In a hot and humid climate like India, Summer is the season when people traditionally contract fevers and flu. Indians still call the neem “The Village Pharmacy” and use it to treat many ailments that continue to challenge modern medicine, including viruses like the flu and common cold. Modern research is confirming those traditional uses26-72. And while none of it specifically focuses on human beings with colds or flu, universities from Bangalore to Baltimore are reporting exciting results in treating the viruses that cause disorders ranging from genital herpes to dengu fever. The neem leaf extract has been used successfully in the past to combat/control various Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Studies show that a neem-based cream used as a vaginal lubricant is effective against organisms such as Trichomonas, Candida, and Giardinella vaginalis that cause vaginal infections (Khan and Wassilew, 1987)19; (Garg, et al, 1993)20. Other studies have indicated neem can be effective against the types of bacteria that cause syphilis and gonorrhea (Rao, 1992)22; (Sankaram, 1987)21. These studies are only preliminary but promising and more research is being done in this area.  

Immunity Booster:
The fact that...
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