Needy Families

Topics: Need, Want, Money Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Ashley Williams
English 100 C03
Communities all around the world are having hard times due to the economy. Families are struggling to feed their families and pay the bills. I know my community is going through a hard time. I see more crime going on around my area, bank robberies and gas station robberies, even shooting. People are so desperate for money, and there really isn’t many places for them to turn to in order to get the money they need. If I had one million dollars to help out my community, I would share it with Helping Hand to help families with paying their bills, having a good Christmas, and sending their kids to college.

First off I would want this organization to help families with paying their bills. For the most part, electric bills are very high now days. Nobody can live without electric; they wouldn’t have hot water to bathe with, or lights to see. If Helping Hand had more funds, they would be able to help more families out so families wouldn’t have to struggle to pay their electric bill. Also buying groceries is a big bill. The cost of food has gone up, and the job market has gone down. I know a few families in my community that really can’t afford food, and they don’t have anywhere to help them. Another bill, that most people don’t realize is even a bill, is buying clothes. I see kids all the time in my community running around with rags on. These kids are normally the ones that are bullied around, but the name brand clothes are so expensive, families in need cannot afford them. If this organization had people donate nicer clothes to them, then they would be able to give these kids nicer clothes. The one million dollars I would give Helping Hand, I would want them to go buy a few new name brand clothes, and shoes to give these kids.

In addition to helping pay bills, I would want Helping Hand to give kids a Christmas. Not all families can afford to but Christmas for their kids, very sad but true. Giving kids a Christmas will...
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