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MKT 3130: Principle of Marketing
Spring 2011

Assignment 1 Essay: Needs, Wants, Demands

Instructor: Dr. Kim Chung Made by: Sarmoldayev Miras ID: 20090401

Almaty 2011 Outline: I. Introduction II. Needs, Wants, Demands 1. Hierarchy of Maslow a. It’s implementation in KZ 2. Wants a. Reflects your needs and wants or marketing shapes your needs and wants? 3. Demands
III. Conclusion

Needs, wants, demands

According to the Maslow’s hierarchy person needs not too much, however he or she wants a lot, but can afford not all wants, means can not satisfy all demands of his or her wants. This is my point of view on this very interesting topic. Which concern to core concepts that drives marketing processes all over the world nowadays. As a main subject of this essay I decided to take Kazakhstan reality because it is most familiar with me. As a KIMEP’s student I am also going to take this university as an example in understanding what are needs, wants and demands. And will bring examples of my personal needs, wants and demands when I finally understand what it is.

For the beginning I would like to observe Maslow’s hierarchy from the bottom to the top. And try to show the situation about how it is going today on the beginning of the 10’s of 21 century, particularly in Kazakhstan. And will match “Maslow’s needs” to the Wants of person and the ability to create Demand for them. In the bottom of the Maslow’s hierarchy we can find simplest human being’s Needs. Such as needs of food, clothing, shelter, sleep and sex of course. This needs create the biggest area for marketing and marketers to satisfy all these physiological needs of people. Annual real estate property of residents of only developed countries is more than $48 Trillion (the Economist, 2009). And it is of course obvious that this is one of the largest markets. Because every person tends to find food, clothes and shelter. Shelter

References: The Economist, Journal, Statistics (2010) KazBalt, Statistics (2010) Adam “Needs,Wants and Demands” (2009)

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