Needs of Special Offenders

Topics: Prison, Addiction, Penology Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Running head: The Needs of Special Offenders

The Needs of Special Offenders
Professor Gregory Baugh
Jeremiah Ritzenthaler
University of Phoenix/CJA 234

The Needs of Special offenders
Inmates with special needs, the mentally ill, and the substance abusing inmates all make up a large number of the prison population. These inmates affect the prison systems in different ways.
Providing programs for the mentally ill inmates is extremely difficult for correctional staff. A very high percentage of inmates in the prison system have a mental illness. The demands for security for these inmates can be very challenging to program efforts. Correctional agencies are not equipped to provide mental health programs to the inmates to the same extent as mental health agencies. Mental health programs are critical to the accomplishment of the correctional facility. Correctional facilities provide multileveled and integrative programs to the mentally ill inmates. Without treatment the mentally ill inmates will be unable to prepare for release and they will not be able to reenter the community. The correctional mental health program must be effective in transitioning the inmate back to the community. Prior to release, the prison and post release staff ensure that the inmate will receive the proper treatment from the community mental health programs.

Substance abuse programs is a must have in a correctional environment because a high number of inmates have a history of alcohol or drug abuse. Fifty-three percent of state inmates and 45.5 percent of federal prison inmates were classified as having an alcohol or drug abuse dependency. “Substance abuse treatment in prisons is critically important, as the Office of National Drug Control Policy reports that treatment while in prison and during postincarceration supervision can reduce recidivism by roughly 50 percent. Historically however, the treatment needs of drug abusing inmates has gone unmet while they are in prison. In...

References: Corrections: An Introduction, Third Edition, CH 13. Pg 444
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