Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement Paper

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Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement Paper
Team B
University of Phoenix

A description of the chosen process
A description of the chosen process is to advertise products and services that are available to the community in a manner that is easier for the client to identify and find. The Office of Community Collaboration’s (OCC) website could contain links that would be a resource tool to guide the public clients and professionals to community resources that meet the needs of Texas’ highly vulnerable clients.  It could contain a list that identifies state resources and links to agencies for clients and professionals, with the professional’s portion requiring an access code or another information systems’ security measured to restrict access to the public.  These tools could be available so that the public and professionals would have a means of obtaining information on relevant service resources organized for easy access all in one convenient location…the OCC website.  An 'As-Is' flow chart of the process to be analyzed

Currently, the highly vulnerable public clients are having difficulty finding the services that they require for the needs. Clients sometimes have to navigate between multiple agencies to receive services such as a person with mental illness may be served by one agency for the mental illness condition, but if he/she also has a physical health problem, he/she would be required to go to another agency, and for substance abuse, still another agency. Often the client doesn’t know who offers what services and ends up without any service. Even the local governments, community groups, and advocacy organizations who needed to navigate the agencies’ structure would have difficulty finding services for their vulnerable clients. House Bill 1188, which stemmed from HB 2292, mandated that the HHSC create an Office of Community Collaboration (OCC) to bring the community services and programs to the community. OCC is responsible for collaborating with stakeholders to improve the delivery of Medicaid/CHIP services by sharing best practices, resources, and information regarding improvements to the health care system. Describe the relationship of the process

to the organization’s strategic plan
The relationship of the process to the organization’s strategic plan is that they would like to fix the issues with: • Clients having to navigate between multiple agencies to receive services and • The public having difficulty accessing the complex array of agencies. By fixing the broken system, the highly vulnerable client and the agencies will benefit in time, expenses, and productivity. When House Bill (HB) 2292 mandated that the original 12 agencies be consolidated into five agencies in 2003, the agencies had over 200 programs that were operated by the over 48,000 employees in over 1,000 facilities all over the state of Texas. This accounted for over one-third of the Texas government with expenditures over $19.6 billion which provided services for millions of Texans. This infrastructure resulted in confusing, disjointed and redundant system and no one knew exactly where to find the services needed. HB 2292 allowed the agencies to be reborn by redesigning and transforms the critical government services to realign program, streamline operations, deploy modern technology, and to focus on accountability. This redesigning would allow them to be able to provide the administration and delivery of health services and human services. The five agencies that were reborn consisted of the: • Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) who provides o Leadership and oversight of all the agencies to ensure they function as a system o Mandated to consolidate and administer most of the administrative support services for all the agencies o Responsibility for administrating programs

o Directed to integrate eligibility determination for most of the...

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