Topics: HIV, Hypodermic needle, Needle-exchange programme Pages: 3 (1216 words) Published: April 20, 2014

.MCLEAN, KATHERINE. "Reducing Risk, Producing Order: The Surprisingly Disciplinary World Of Needle Exchange." Contemporary Drug Problems 40.3 (2013): 415-445. Academic Search Premier. Web. 13 Apr. 2014. Thesis: It postulates that attempts to “raise the bar” within a low-threshold program may serve to alienate or explicitly exclude certain service users

Evidence: the author stayed within the program for a year, getting to know people and see how it really operates. He also did interviews with people who were willing to do so. I plan on using this article on the con side of it. There is good that is being done that the author does witness, but also several negative aspects about it. Quote 1.) Nearly a quarter of Bronx Harm Reduction’s users were known to be HIV-positive, while 60% described themselves as past or present illicit drug users. Poverty and homelessness were more uniformly distributed traits, with 75% of users homeless at intake, and nearly all reporting yearly incomes below $10,000. Quote 2.)While the disciplining of syringe exchange may serve to keep funders happy and programs open, this article might only wonder whether such congressions arrive at the expense of the aforementioned “human aspect” that has defined harm reduction since its earliest days, and which continues to attract a diversity of vulnerable service users with few other outlets.

Bartlett, Robin, et al. "Harm Reduction: Compassionate Care Of Persons With Addictions." MEDSURG Nursing 22.6 (2013): 349-358. Academic Search Premier. Web. 13 Apr. 2014. Thesis: that nurses take a better approach when it comes to users. They are calmer, less judgmental and are more away of the fact that the user may not listen to their advice but they can also show them the safest ways to do their drugs. Evidence: the evidence is that it has been tried and it is true. Its an article on nurses that is part of their job, they see many drug users come into hospitals after an overdose, or come in and get...
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