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Need of E-Recruitment Strategies

By priyamayank Feb 18, 2012 315 Words
Need of E-Recruitment Strategies in Emerging Scenario
E- Recruitment strategy is the well articulated technique for effective utilization of internet technology to improve efficiency as well as effectiveness of the recruitment process. As internet usage became widespread, the first step of e-recruiting was the addition of online career option on corporate websites itself. It was mostly accepted that corporate website recruitment has improved recruiting efficiency. Major two kinds of E-recruitment involve use of job portals and the other is online career option in the organization’s web site. E-recruitment strategies provide many advantages like centralized platform, less paper work, streamline workflow, etc. But at the same time it offers disadvantages like low internet penetration in rural India, preventing face-to-face communication, authenticity of the resumes, etc. Objective:

This paper is meant for detailed study of the E-recruitment strategies in the current scenario as usage of the internet is widespread now-a-days and organizations are gradually turning to virtual organizations. Research Methodology:

Data collection method used for this research is the combination of primary and secondary data. Primary data were collected using interview of E-recruitment user. Secondary data were collected by referring different web articles, research papers, journals, etc. Findings and Limitations:

It was found from the research that E-recruitment strategies has improved recruitment efficiency and it is widely accepted by the MNCs but at the same time limitation is it does not allow face-to-face communication and moreover it also neglects the technique called ‘Graphology’ which is believed to be useful for identifying the attitude and personality of the person from his handwriting. Future / Scope:

It will be useful for the E-recruitment user to focus on the limitation of E-recruitment strategies for eliminating the discrepancies and effectively implementing E-recruitment strategies. Key words:

E-Recruitment, Job Portals, Online-Career, Authenticity.

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