Need for Power

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10. Cohorta

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The need for Power

The need for power is just one part of McClelland's acquired needs theory. The Other Parts of the Theory are Need for Achievement and Need for Affiliation. I would like to stay and write about part The need for Power.

We can find little theory about this topic (The need for Power) in book Organizational Behavior on page 101. There is: A third major individual need is the need for power – the desire to control one´s environment, including financial, material, informational, and human resources. People vary greatly along this dimension. Some individuals spend much time and energy seeking power, other avoid power if at all possible. People with a high need for power can be successful managers if three conditions are met. First, they must seek power for the betterment of the organization rather than for their own interest. Second, they must have a fairly low need for affiliation because fulfilling a personal need for power may well alienate others in the workplace. Third, they need plenty of self-control to curb their desire for power when it threatens to interfere with effective organizational or interpersonal relationship.

Resources for this theory: David McClelland and David H. Burnham, “Power Is the Great motivator,“ Harward business Review, March-April 1976, pp. 100-110. Pinder, Work Motivation in Organizational Behavior, McClelland and Burnham, “Power Is the Great Motivator.“

We can identified four stages within the power orientation:

1) Drawing inner strength from others - being a loyal follower and serving the power of other people; 2) Strengthening oneself - beginning to play the power game, collecting symbols of status, one-upmanship, trying to dominate situations; 3) Self-assertiveness - becoming more aggressive and trying to manipulate situations so as to use other people to achieve one's own targets; 4) Acting...
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