Need for Community Service

Topics: University, Student, Education Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: October 27, 2008
Trevor Wilson
College is a step in a young adult’s life meant to carry them into adult hood. It does this by teaching them responsibility and showing them the hardships of the real world that are faced every day. It teaches superb decision making and excellent friendship techniques. So why not teach compassion and samaratinisim to college students. That’s why I feel that college and university student’s should fulfill a community service requirement in order to graduate as long as they receive college credits towards graduation for it.

This is something I would support because I believe that everyone should do community service because it will help to benefit your community and to help people feel good about their community is to help people feel good about themselves. I believe this would be cause for the entire campus moral to rise lowering fights, graffiti, littering, and damage to campus materials; because the student themselves would understand what the person who had to clean it after them went thru. This would also help students get out of college quicker allowing them to do community service to attain college credits instead of having to pay out of pocket would allow more students to graduate and help all students to graduate a little faster.

Another reason I would agree with this proposal is that it would create bonding on a greater level. The community service that would be preformed would create a place for students who do not regularly communicate with each other to form bonds and become friends. This would in tell create a better campus life and a better college experience for all. It would show students how to work together on a greater level and provide UN segregated lunch tables and campus events for all to enjoy.

This would be beneficial to the whole campus, help students to graduate early, enhance campus morale, and boost bonding on college and university campuses all around. This is why I feel that college and university...
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