Need and Significance of Traffic Education to Students

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Need and Significance of Traffic Awareness & Education to School Students


As young people begin to mature and become more independent, they are exposed to increasing risks. Teenagers are an important group of road users as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and newly-qualified drivers. Many are unaware that road incidents are the biggest cause of accidental deaths and serious injuries amongst young people. There is a need for all those involved with young people to help teach clear road safety messages to equip them to understand and manage the risks they encounter as road users. Need & Significance

Road safety is a high priority for parents of younger children and there is a focus on pedestrian and cycle safety education in primary schools. However, when young people move up to and through secondary school, road safety becomes even more important. Students can expect longer journeys to school, and they will be much more likely to make these journeys on their own. Their journey times may vary if they join activities before and after school hours. They will start going elsewhere on their own – or with friends – including in the evening. They may be walking, cycling, using public transport or a passenger in cars driven by adults or young people over 17. Learning to cope with the risks they will face on the roads will allow our young people – and their parents – the confidence that they can enjoy the freedom to get out and about. However, other aspects of their health, safety and wellbeing can appear more pressing. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programmes reflect parents’ and students’ concerns about bullying and drug and alcohol misuse. In some areas there are concerns about violent crime. As a result, road safety can slip down the agenda. So something positive has to be done to keep a broad range of road safety activity where it belongs high up the agenda. Although tragic, deaths from drug misuse and violent crime for young...
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