Nectar in a Sieve

Topics: Medicine, Health, William Hurt Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: November 11, 2009
For centuries, Europeans have colonized in developing countries and impacted the lives of civilians within these areas. In the book, Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya, a man named Kenny is a British doctor who attempts to help India adapt to Western medicine. He was a man of great generosity since he cared for the villagers. But, despite all of his sacrifices, some people viewed him as an arrogant and racially prejudice colonizer. Even though some villagers viewed Kenny as a white supremacist, he was actually a charitable character because he helped Rukmani become fertile, dedicated his time and money towards building a hospital, and left his wife and children for the sake of the village. Throughout the story, Kenny demonstrates charity by providing Rukmani medical services. Rukmani was a woman living married in the depths of poverty with her family. In order for her to triumph over adversity as women, she had to produce male offspring. Her first attempt was failure given that she produced a female. Kenny, Rukmani’s physician, aided her by introducing post-modern medical treatments. In the end, Kenny successfully helped Rukmani become fertile and give birth to a five male children. Therefore, Kenny was a miraculous soul because he benefitted Rukmani. He wanted her to have a son since males had more value than females. He knew that this situation would make Rukmani’s life more bountiful. Also, he risked his integrity in order to provide overwhelmingly superior healthcare for her. Kenny was a magnificent doctor who cared for his patients. For example, he looked after Rukmani’s mother when she was terminally ill. Eventually, he felt that it had become necessary for him to treat everyone in the village. The village never had sufficient healthcare services much less a hospital; Kenny designed and implemented a hospital, which included state of the art medical treatments. He believed that his hospital would be the key to healthy living in the peregrinated...
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