Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Invention Pages: 4 (1229 words) Published: December 22, 2010
Since the beginning of human life, enormous changes around us have taken us to a path of scientific progress, which in turn has benefited mankind in a number of ways. In every era, man has innovated a lot of things in order to cater to his rising needs.

Imagine life in the Stone Age! The primitive ways of living just comprised man's activities revolving around the search for food and shelter. They hunted animals for food and used caves as shelters, and animal skin and leaves to cover their bodies. Fire was discovered accidentally when two pieces of rock rubbed against each other, but since then people started using it for their protection and heating and cooking purposes.

Undoubtedly, these seem meaningless to us today, but consider life without these discoveries and inventions. Would you be able to enjoy the same quality of life without them? But the fact is that the emergence of necessities led man to explore further.

As time passed, man realized other needs arising around him. After catering to his fundamental needs of food and shelter, man felt the need for acquiring goods, which he himself could not produce. This led to the idea of the barter system under which goods were exchanged without the use of money, but a constraint to this mechanism was his limited movement. How far could a man travel, loaded with tons of wheat just for the sake of some kilos of meat? Then man came up with the idea of the wheel.

The wheel is undoubtedly one of the earliest and most important mechanical inventions. The invention of wheel served as a milestone in the history of science because it was a prerequisite for many other inventions. It introduced the idea of transportation network without which economy could never have developed. Without it there would be no movement, no cars, no trains, and no aeroplanes. It shrunk distances and provided man with an opportunity to explore the world.

The Chinese invented the wheelbarrow, which made use of lever action.

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