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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Personal protective equipment Pages: 22 (7258 words) Published: June 10, 2013
1. List eight design features and/or safe practice intended to reduce the risk of Accidents on staircase used as internal pedestrian routes within work premises 1. The removal of obstructions 2. Provision of non-slippery surfaces, together with reflective edging. 3. Adequate lighting. 4. Effective maintenance of the staircase. 5. Width of the staircase 6. Provision of handrails 7. Dimension of treads and risers 8. Provision of landings. 9. Provision for disabled persons. 10. Possible use of elevators / life as alternative. 11. Imposing site rules for using appropriate foot wear. 2. Outline the precautions that might be needed to ensure the safety of pedestrians in vehicle maneuvering areas 1. Separate systems for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. 2. Appropriate road markings. 3. Maintaining good visibility (mirrors, transparent door, provision of lighting etc). 4. Audible warning on vehicles. 5. The wearing of high visibility jackets. 6. Good standard of housekeeping. 7. Training for, and supervision of all concerned. 8. Enforcement of site rules. 9. Supervision. 3. Outline the means by which the risk accidents from reversing vehicles within a workplace can be reduced .The various means by which the risk of accidents from reversing vehicleswithin a workplace can be reduced are. 1. Trying to avoid the need of vehicle to be reversed. (One way or drive through system, turning circles etc.). 2. Separation of vehicles and pedestrians (barriers, signs etc). 3. Aspects of vehicle and workplace design (audible alarms, mirrors on vehicles and at blind corners, refuges, lighting etc.) 4. Procedural measures like use of banks men, site rules, driver training etc.) Q4. Identify the types of hazard that may cause slips or trips at work There are many reasons why people slip or trip at work. The main reasons are floor poorly being maintained, changes in level (with ramp, slopes or Krebs), slippery surfaces caused by oil, water or ice, inappropriate footwear, and general obstructions in walkways such as trailing cables, pipes and air hoses. 5.Outline how slips and trip hazards in the workplace might be controlled Control measures such as highlighting changes in level with hazard warning strips, providing good lighting, introducing procedures for reporting defects and for spillages, gritting oil and icy surfaces, using non slip flooring and ensuring high standards of housekeeping to keep floors free of obstruction. 6. Outline the possible causes of a forklift overturning 1|Page


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1. Driving too fast 2. Sudden breaking 3. Driving on slopes. 4. Driving on debris 5. Under-inflated tires. 6. Driving over holes in floor, such as drains. 7. Driving with load elevated. 8. Overloading – exceeding maximum capacity. 9. Collisions with buildings or other vehicles. 10. Incorrect choice of forklift for the job. 7. Outline the conditions and environments in which a vehicle accident may occur 1. Inadequate lighting 2. Inadequate direction signs 3. Inadequate signs or signals to identify the presence of vehicles. 4. Drivers unfamiliar with site. 5. Need to reverse. 6. Poor visibility e.g. sharp bends mirror / windscreen misted up. 7. Poor identification of fixed objects e.g. overhead pipes, door ways,storage tanks, corners of buildings. 8. Lack of separation of pedestrians and vehicles. 9. Lack of safe crossing pints on roads and vehicle routes. 10. Pedestrians using doors provided for sole vehicle use. 11. Lack of barriers to prevent pedestrians suddenly stepping from anexit/entrance into a vehicle’s path. 12. Poor maintenance of vehicles e.g. tiers or brakes 13. Excessive speed of vehicles. 14. Lack of vehicle management e.g. use of traffic control, ‘signaler’. 15. Environmental conditions e.g. poor lighting, rain, snow or ice. 8.What are the factors that to be taken into account when planning traffic routes for internal transport  The purpose of the...
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