Nebosh Unit D Assignment

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Hello Students and welcome to the course.
Some starting thoughts for you.

The lessons are divided into the three specific exam contents Unit A, Unit B & Unit C. You can study the units in any order so you may wish to start off with familiar topics to help you get into study mode. The first step will be to decide which unit you wish to study first. I would recommend studying one unit then sitting the exam for that unit and then move on to the next one. This means that you have only a small fraction of information to remember and retain for the exams. It can be a lot to sit all exams in one exam period as you then have 30 lessons to read through and sit the exams in three consecutive days. You can study the lessons in your chosen unit in any order you choose.

Please also note that as well as the time spent studying the course materials there is also the private reading requirement where you will need to research items you think you need more information on and a time to study case laws and studies as well as legislation as a diploma answer in an exam should not only answer the question but prove your knowledge by backing it up.

There are PDFs of the separate Unit Lessons, Unit A PDF is after the last lesson under the Unit A heading, the same with B & C PDF’s. These can be downloaded to your computer and read when you cannot access the internet or they can be printed off so you can highlight the important points (from the syllabus - on the main topic outline page) and make notes on - always beneficial for revision.

To access a lesson just click on its title and you will be shown the first page of that lesson. The first page will tell you what you should be learning from this lesson. Once you have read through this then click the continue button at the bottom, to move to the next page. There will be questions throughout the lessons as little reminders of what you have just read. Once these are answered correctly you will be allowed to move to the next...
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