NEBOSH International Diploma Unit D

Topics: Management, Quality assurance, Risk Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: August 5, 2014

Nalanda Associates is committed to achieving Health, Safety, and Security and Environmental management for all its activities as an integral part of our business. The purpose of Nalanda Associates HSSE Management System (HSSE-MS) is to provide the framework and structure for the delivery of the highest level of HSSE Performance in accordance with best industry practice.

I.1 Aim

Individual Health, Safety, Security and Environment systems, management tools and techniques have evolved over years. They just needed to be integrated into the business in a structured manner. In order to manage HSSE effectively, we need a sound management system to provide managers with the assurance that they are discharging their responsibilities effectively and as a basis for continuous HSSE performance improvement. The Nalanda Associates HSSE Management System has been developed to meet these needs; it provides a set of arrangements to ensure that we control our HSSE risks in a practical, effective and efficient manner. It builds on experience gained in the application of earlier systems and arrangements and also draws on external developments such as Quality Management standards (ISO 9000), Health and Safety Management (HS(G)65),Environmental Management (ISO 14000) and HSSE Management (E&P Forum). The aim of the HSSE Management System is to provide an assurance to all of us at Nalanda Associates, as well as regulators, partners, licensing authorities and insurers that we are able to comply with Company Policy and Legislation through a process of self-regulation and control. The emphasis is placed on an approach which is both objective setting (establishing what to do and then doing it) as well as proactive (taking action before and not after the event). Plan → Do →Check → Act

The focus is on a systems model approach as applied in quality and other business Management systems. This self-regulatory approach is risk based, not at any cost, but on the...
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