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120 Marks

1. A financial review within your organisation has resulted in a proposal to the
Board of Directors to cut its health and safety budget and to cancel a project that was designed to lead to significant improvements in the working environment.
Write a report to the Board giving reasons why the proposal should be rejected. (20)
a) In relation to the improvement of health and safety within companies describe what is meant by:
Corporate probation
Adverse publicity orders
Punitive damages.
b) Outline a mechanism by which the international labour organisation can influence health and safety standards in different countries.
c) Explain the role of legislation in improving workplace health and safety.


a) An organisation has decided to introduce a permit-to-work system for maintenance and engineering work at a manufacturing plant which operates continuously over three shifts. Outline the keys issues that will need to be addressed in introducing and maintaining an effective permit-to-work system in these circumstances.
b) A year after the introduction of the permit-to-work system an audit of permit-to-work records shows that many permit-to-work have not been completed correctly or have not been signed back.
Outline possible reasons why the permit-to-work system is not being properly adhered to (10)

4. Outline with examples the benefits and limitations of
a) Prescriptive legislation


b) goal-setting legislation.


5. Describe the possible strengths and weaknesses of the role of the employee representative in improving workplace health and safety standards and culture for the groups of employees that they represent.
6. a) In relation to a binding contractual agreement state the meaning of
i) Express terms and ii) Implied terms


b) In relation to a new grounds maintenance contact, give examples of the

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