Nebosh Certificate Unit D

Topics: Safety, Occupational safety and health, Administrative law Pages: 14 (2487 words) Published: September 24, 2013
(2009 specification)

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Student number: 00139069 _______________________
Location: Company*, 118 – 120, Acton High Street_______

Date of review: 29 /05 /2012

Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place The inspection focused on the back of house areas of a retail store. The areas considered within this inspection are the delivery yard, back of house corridors, staircase, warehouse and the staff room. th

The inspection was undertaken at 10am 29 May 2012, whilst the store was open for business. There were 4no. members of staff and 1no. supervisor working on site during the inspection. No deliveries were due to take place on the day of the inspection.

The delivery yard is used solely by the retail company, for loading and unloading of stock deliveries. The back of house area and staircase are the common areas that link the warehouse and staff room at first floor level with the sales floor at ground floor level. The area under inspection is accessed by staff and trainees throughout the day. No customers are allowed into the back of house areas at any time. Other person(s) that need to be considered are; maintenance contractors, delivery drivers, staff from head office and any visiting local authorities, Fire Officers etc. On occasion young person(s) aged between 16 – 18 maybe employed in the premises as trainees, and/or part time staff.

The premises are occupied by up to 8no. staff at any one time. Employees work on rotation throughout the day between 6am until 8pm.
Executive Summary
Within this report serious breaches in varying regulations have been identified. Generally, the hazards identified signify a lapse in general health and safety management. However, many of the observations can be rectified by simple maintenance and staff training and an overall review of the safety culture within the organisation.

The term 'safety culture' is a subset of the overall organisational/company culture. Many companies refer to safety culture as being the inclination of their employees to comply with rules, or act safety or unsafely. However, the culture and style of management is even more significant. For example, a natural, unconscious bias for sales over safety, or a tendency to focus on the short-term or being reactive could convey the wrong message to employees. Success normally comes from a combination of good leadership, good worker engagement and good communications. Observations suggest that the company’s health and safety culture is highly reactive, rather than being both proactive AND reactive. It is recommended that the company directors take some time to review the organisations health and safety policy, undertaking a complete review of the company's safety culture as the findings suggest that company policy is document lead as opposed to focusing on specific ‘face to face’ training performance reviews.

The health and safety of the employees who are using / working in the premises may also be at risk if these concerns are not addressed. Failure to address these issues may lead to attention and possible enforcement action from the HSE, The Local Authority including the Fire Authority and the Environmental Health Organisation.

Main findings of the inspection
The inspection highlighted previous breaches in regulations and statutory duty. A detailed description of the findings is listed below with reference to specific observations given in bracket. Breaches of statutory duty or failure to comply with improvement or prohibition notices may result in court action being taken, which may lead to a criminal prosecution and fines of up to £20,000 in a magistrate’s court, and a maximum prison sentence of 6 months.

Fire precautions
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005) (RRFSO) requires that fire fighting arrangements must be provided in the workplace....
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