Neat People vs. Sloppy People

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September 9, 2013

Neat people vs. sloppy people

By Suzanne Britt

Suzanne Britt has a strong opinion regarding sloppy people vs. neat people, throughout the reading of this article it became apparent that her opinion is in favor of sloppy people. Her distinction of neat people is that they are “bums and clods at heart”, while “sloppy people are not really sloppy. Their sloppiness is merely the unfortunate consequence of their extreme moral rectitude”. It is statements like these that would lead someone to believe that Suzanne is in favor of sloppy people.

The first example that exemplifies Suzanne’s opinion is in her opening sentence where she states the distinction is a moral one, and that neat people are often lazier and meaner than sloppy people. This statement could be meant to infer that the general outlook of sloppy people is that they are in fact lazy and mean. Suzanne also seems to put sloppy people above neat people in saying that “sloppy people carry in their minds eye of a heavenly vision, a plan that is so stupendous, so perfect, it can’t be achieved in this world or the next” of certain projects or tasks they look to accomplish.

The next example that supports Suzanne’s opinion of sloppy people is her description of the token sloppy person. Her description is about sloppy people setting and achieving goals. In which she describes the goals as being in “never-never land”, and that “someday is their métier”. She describes tasks that everyone, at some point in their life may have to set for themselves, and how neat people handle these specific tasks to the contrary of sloppy people. One could also infer from this instance that Suzanne may feel as if sloppy people set too many goals at one time and do not plan accordingly, rather than pick one task at a time and plan them individually. She seems to...
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