near death experiences

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Near Death Experience

Near Death Experiences

This Paper dives into the psychological definition of a near death experience, the supposed experiences and the possible causes of what is scientifically and/or spiritually happening. Near Death Experiences

Near death experiences, also known, as NDE’s are one of psychologies most interesting studies. Typically an average person would think that during an NDE a person goes to heaven and comes back to life, but is that what is really happening? The bottom line is that there is no immediate answer to what really happens during a near death experience.

What is a Near Death Experience?
What are Near Death Experiences? According to the APA Dictionary of Psychology a Near Death Experience (NDE) is defined as the following: an image, perception, event, interaction, or feeling (or a combination of any of these) reported by some people after a life-threatening episode. Typical features include a sense of separation from the body, often accompanied by the ability to look down on the situation; a peaceful and pleasant state of mind; and an entering into the light, sometimes following an interaction with a spiritual being. There is continuing controversy regarding the cause and nature of NDEs. Spiritual, biochemical, and contextual lines of explanation are still in play, and there is no solid evidence to support the proposition that NDEs prove survival of death.

“The Facts”
Considering the fact that there is more unknown than known about NDE’s and it is impossible to explain the conscious phenomenon unless you have had this experience. One can only explain an NDE to the knowledge of what has been said by actual experiencers, unless you are one. the facts of NDE’s are not 100% comprehendible. Also, because of the above stated one can come to the conclusion that these are not scientific facts, but facts of what experiencers have stated in there experiences. According to one source,...

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