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Topics: Death, Near death experience, Afterlife Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Keith N. Mado

“National Geographic Paranatural Life After Life”

Near Death Experience (NDE) refers to the sensations reported by people who have come close to dying or were CLINICALY dead for a period of time so meaning their hearts had already stopped beating their brain is not running, their blood pressure isn’t stable, -- meaning, their bodies are not functioning as to what a person needs to be alive. The people in the documentary such as Dr. Alexander, Christine Stein, and Anita Moojani claim of having meaningful experiences after all signs of hope is lost. Their stories of their journeys to the “unearthly realm” and when they get there, they feel the feeling of unconditional love and peace. All have the same gist but they are not 100% the same with each other. People near death, and sometimes those who have been resuscitated after dying, report common experiences of peacefulness followed by separation from the body. At first there is darkness then seeing a source of light and moving into the light, sometimes through a tunnel. At this point, many turn or are turned to move back into the body. Sometimes they see family members that they haven’t seen personally e.g. Ancestors, dead grandparents, dead friends, and most of the time, a "presence" or a “voice” advises them that it is not yet the time for them to pass over. It is nearly always a very positive and -

A transformative experience, giving the person a much greater appreciation of life – for them to live and love their lives much more and for them not to fear death but, not in a weird way, to look forward to death knowing that there is a much better life that awaits them. The first subject of NDE in the documentary is Dr. Alexander. He was a comatose patient. He was overcome by bacterial meningitis and was comatose on a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit within hours. After six days on medication, showing no response and with little brain function remaining, his doctors were...
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