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Student, Stakeholder, and Market Focus for Educational Leaders


Michelle Meinika

May 4, 2013

Impact of Accountability
Fort Wayne Community Schools believes that the quality of the principal will impact academic growth, teacher satisfaction, teacher effort, parent perceptions of the school, and many other stakeholder concerns. The accountability movement has forced FWCS to consider the effectiveness of the principal. An effective principal typically has effective teachers and consistent academic success in their building. An ineffective principal usually has ineffective teachers and little academic success. With the RISE evaluation process in place, principals are able to be more present in the classrooms and spend quality time helping teachers become more effective. The principal is not only looking for the instructional impact but also looking for strong interpersonal skills. If the principal lacks instructional knowledge and/or interpersonal skills the teacher accountability will be less than acceptable for FWCS. Benefits

The No Child Left Behind act forced school districts to restructure failing schools. During the restructuring process, of some of the schools, the teaching staff and the principals were changed entirely. With the complete change of leadership and teaching staff the schools are showing much needed growth. With NCLB it forced FWCS to increase effort and attention towards the English Language Learners. FWCS has decreased the learning gap between majority students and ELLs students. NCLB has given the needed push to address the achievement gap among all minority groups. With NCLB in place parents are more informed and given the opportunity to participate more in their child’s education. Parents are provided a yearly report indicating academic strengths and weaknesses.

No Child Left Behind Act has not taken into consideration the special education...
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