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Q. 1

Write True (T) or False (F) for the following: (a) For „Vishram Position‟ you carry the left foot 15 inches to the left. (F) (b) For less then 5 Cadets, the Squad will form up in a single rank. (T) (c) On the word of command „Parade par‟ -the marker and squad comes to attention. (T) (d) On the word of command „Line Torh‟ the squad does -Saluting. (F) (e) Falling out means to leave the ranks temporarily. (T) What points does the Guard mounting NCO keep in mind, while inspecting the Guard?


Ans2 The guard mounting NCO will be twelve paces away from the guard. He will fall in the Guard and inspect as under :(a) “Guard-Parade Par” (Guard get on parade) the guard will come to attention, step off and fall in the open order, twelve paces away from the guard mounting NCO and stand at ease in succession from the right. (b) “Guard Savdhan”. Guard will come to attention. (c) “Guard Dahine Saj”. The Guard commander will turn to his right and march out five paces, halt, turn about, dress the front rank. He will then dress the rear rank and give command “SAMNE-DEKH” and turn to his original position. (d) “Guard-Bagal Shast(r)”, Guard will do shoulder arms. (e) The Guard Mounting NCO will then report to the orderly officer (who could have taken position 6 paces behind the guard mounting NCO). (f) “Guard nirikshan ke lie hazir hai”. The guard mounting NCO will then fall in on the right of the guard six paces away from the guard commander. PAPER –II WEAPON TRAINING AND FIRING Q.3 What are the safety precautions for handling any weapon? Ans.3 The following safety precautions should be ensured at the times:(a) Prior to the handling of any weapon, it should be inspected for safety. (b) Ensure that the chamber of the weapon is empty. (c) Ensure that the magazine is empty. (d) Safety catch should always be on „s‟. (e) Never point a rifle at any other person. Q.4 Write down the five sequence of firing actions while firing a shot at moving target.

Ans4. Complete sequence of firing a shot at a moving target will be :-

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

Aim- at the centre of the target. Follow- give speed. Pass- gives lead. Fire- (Following through). Declare.


Write short notes on:MPI (a) Grouping capacity MPI. For the purpose of training the group will imply five consecutive well-fired shorts, fired with consistent aim at the same aiming mark. The central point of the area covered by the group is known as the mean point of impact (MPI) of the group. Grouping capacity. The diameter of a circle containing all five shots, fired by a man to the best of his ability, is known as his grouping capacity. PAPER – III MISCELLANEOUS SUBJECTS

Ans. 5 (a)



Fill in the Blanks:(a) The name of the DDG is Rajindra Singh, SM. (b) The two countries having YEP of NCC with India are England and Sri Lanka . (c) British library is located in Sector-9-C, Chandigarh. (d) Azad Hind Fauj was found by Netaji Subhash Chand Bose. (e) Mysore is famous for gardens. Define the following technical terms:(a) Bearing (b) Vertical interval (c) Escarpment (d) Spur (e) Horizontal equivalent

Q 7.

Ans.7 (a) Bearing. The angle formed by a line joining two points and the North and South line. . Bearing are always measured clockwise. (a) Vertical interval (VI). The rise in level between successive contour lines. The VI is generally the same for any given scale. (b) Escarpment. The steep hill side formed by a sudden drop in the general ground level usually from a plateau. (c) Spur. A piece of high ground jutting out from a range of hills into lower ground. (d) Horizontal equivalent. The distance measured on the map between adjacent contour lines. It varies according to the nature of the relief. Q.8 Differentiate between Grid, Magnetic and True Bearings? Ans.8 Grid Magnetic. Measured on the map from the Grid North by the help of a protector. True Bearing. Calculated by...
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