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By jesther007 Apr 16, 2013 287 Words
Jonathan Esther
Public Speaking
In persuasive speaking there are two styles which are, speech of actuation & speech of disposition. I will be informing you the differences between the two speeches.In the actuation speech its designed to cause the audience to do or show something also action. Actuation speech is really particularly useful if only the audience already shares all of your view. An example could be, at the end of presidential campaigns, the candidates begin to focus on convincing their supporters to actually vote. They are seeking to actuate the action of voting through their speeches. Actuate is a term meaning “move to action”, such as arugueing that your grade should be changed. Also you could argue against a tutiton increase. You must be competent in all forms of your speaking such as informing and convincing. In disposition speeches, it’s a speech designed to influence listerners’ disposition toward your topic such as; beliefs, attitudes & values. The dispositional factors start of with belief, which is something we accept as true or falso even though it has not yet been or cannot be shown true. Second you have attutude which is our tendency to respond favorably or unfavorably to something we like or dislike. Third is values which is a deeply held concept about what is and isn’t good, right, and important with regard to conduct and existence. In the actuation speech & disposition speech, they two has an comparision of action. When using both of the styles of persuasive speeches, your goal is to change your listener’s thoughts, attitudes, beliefs(disposition) or behavior(actuation). You must first conduct an audince assement and submit this additional research with your speech.

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