Nbfcs and Their Functioning

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research process in general
- Formulation of the Research problem
- Review of the related literature
- Setting the Research objective or hypothesis
- Research Design
- Data Collection
- Analysis of interpretation of data
- Preparation of research report
Research Project Format
I – Prefatory Pages
II- Body of the report
III – Terminal Items

Prefatory Pages
-Title/Cover Page
- Declaration
- Guides Certificate
- Company certificate
- Acknmowledgement
- Context page
- Executive Summery of the project

Body of the Report
Chapter I – Introduction
Chapter II – Profile of the orgnization
Chapter III – Research Design and Methodology
Chapter IV – Conceptual background
Chapter V – Data presentation , Analysis and Interpretation Chapter VI – Findings, Suggestion and Conclusion

Terminal Items
- Annexure/ Appendices
Questionnaire or Interview Schedule

"The Role of Non Banking Financial Comapanies in credit growth in India" Project Report Submitted to University of Pune in
Partial Fulfilment of Requirement for the Award of Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
"Mr. Prathamesh Sunil Bothare"
Under the guidance of
"Mrs Smita Sovani"
Sinhgad Institute of Management

i, the undersigned, Hereby declare that the Project report entitled "The Role of Non Banking Financial Comapanies in credit growth in India" written and submitted by me tio the university of pune, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of degree of Master of Business Administration under the guidance of Mrs. Smita Sovani is my original work and the conlusions drawn therein are based on the material collected by myself.

Place:Research Student

This is to certify...
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