Nba During the 70s

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The NBA of the 70’s greatly differs from what our expectations of today’s league, especially when evaluating the background in which the players came from. Recent statistics show that more than 90% of 70’s NBA players came from urban areas, but when compared to today’s league only about 34% of black players come from families in financial situations (Keating). The question that needs to be asked when observing these statistics is what happened to the league or basketball in general that subsequently pushed poorer players out of the league?

When analyzing what has could have caused such a shift in the makeup of the NBA we have to observe the rise in popularity of basketball as the years have gone by. Since the 70’s, the NBA has grown exponentially into a 4.3 billion dollar industry with international reach (Plunkett Research) Much of this growth can be accredited to the creation of superstars during the late 80’s and 90’s. Along with this expansion and increase in basketball’s popularity, we find that more and more money began to be put into basketball programs (Keating). Schools that have more access to disposable income, such as those in the suburbs, suddenly can produce better equipment, coaches and basketball programs than those in the city. Basketball camps suddenly spring up more and more with high quality ones having a larger price tag (Five Star). Today’s NBA has even gone international with more and more players coming from places such as Europe. So both the expansion of the NBA and the quality of urban area schools become broader topics that should be discussed when looking at the change in the quality of NBA players backgrounds.

So what possibly answer could there be to why today’s NBA is made up of more “well off” basketball players than it was in the 70’s? Simple, it cost more money to create an NBA caliber athlete today than it did in the 70’s due the increase in the NBA’s popularity. To help support this stance I’d have to look at specific...

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This blog post offered good insight into life of basketball players in the 70’s and things such as their average salary. Not really happy to use this source because I’d like to stay away from blogs when writing a research paper.
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