Topics: White Rose, Hitler Youth, Nazism Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: December 10, 2012
The Historical Investigation

* To what extent were the youth resistant against Nazism?

A. Plan of investigation

During the reign of Hitler in the 1930’s, one main priority was to capture the minds of the youth, as they were to become the future Germany. Although groups such as the ‘Hitler Youth organization’ were created to fully indoctrinate the youth into believing Hitler’s ruling, there were many young adults who were passionate and strong to resist and rebel against their own government and country. The aim of this investigation is to analyze the youth’s ways of rebellion against their government, and the reasons behind it. The Majority of the research will be from books and biographies on the Hitler youth organization, the uprisings on the white rose movement, and the jazz swing kids.

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B. Summary of Evidence

* Hitler’s Youth Organization

In the schools of Germany, teachers and staff would be taken responsible to discipline and knowledge the children to believe and faithfully follow their leader. Within the classes there would be paintings of Adolf Hitler and they would regularly listen to public speeches on radio. Children would be continually praised and encouraged to write about their leader and about the pride he has brought to Germany. Majority of the essay topics being such as “ Hitler and victory, war never again” (pg 268-269). The Hitler youth organization was made to mold the minds of the youth. Students who didn’t join were either persuaded by there teachers to do so or bulied by their friends to join. Soon the colleges and universaties wouldn’t exept students who didn’t attend the organization when they were younger. In the camps, children whould be taken to long hikes and sing songs that would hail hitler. By the end of 1933, there were 2.3 million boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 in the Hitler youth organization. Children questioned their parents true loyalty and in some ocassions, reported...
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